25 March 2014

Pasta with carbonara sauce

This is an Italian classic dish, that my daughters love (and me too :)))!!!)

The most important thing in this dish is the quality of the ingredients that must be of high quality!!!

The execution is so fast that you can prepare the sauce in the time that the pasta coock!!!

Ingredients for 4:

500 gr of spaghetti
4 eggs
400gr of pancetta
grated parmesan ( or a mix of parmesan and pecorino)

First of all, bring the water to boil with the salt and put inside the pasta.

while the pasta cooks, chop the pancetta and make it brown in a pan.

Proceed with the sauce by beating eggs, parmesan and a generouse sprinkling of pepper.

Obviously will not be served raw eggs. To pasteurize these add to the mix a couple of tablespoons of the pasta cooking water.
This also give more creamy texture to your sauce.

Now drain the pasta and mix it with the mixture and pancetta.

Pasta with carbonara sauce is now ready to be eat!!!
You can add on more grated Parmesan if like!!!

Buon appetito!!!

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