28 March 2014

Roasted potatoes and onions

This garnish is perfect to accompany rustic dishes of meat, for example sausages, a roasted chicken or the meats cooked on the bbq!!!

There will be the crispness of the potatoes and the sweetness of the cooked onions!!!

Chicken breast with mustard

I don't remember the first time that I try this recipe...
In Italy is very common cooking pork with mustard or with milk, but I think that is not so common cooking in this way the chicken.

However, this recipe is tried and tested by my family and is very gorgeous.

26 March 2014

Crepes with cheese and ham

This recipe is very simple, and 2 days ago saved our lunch!!!
The filling may be of many different types, I used cheese and ham, but you can use ricotta cheese and spinach, or mushrooms and bacon.
If you want to create a perfect snack for your children, remove the salt from the mixture and add a few drops of vanilla essence.
At this point stuff the crepes with jam or chocolate cream!!!


In Italy we say that there aren't meatballs good as the meatballs of mum!!!!

Isn't it strange?

I think that meatballs always win, because you can put inside of them all you want and (very important thing!!!) all you have in your fridge!!!
For this reason they are winning: they are never the same but always delicious!!!


Ok the truth is that my husband is the king of pizza in our family!!!

So I post here the recipe of my husband for a fantastic pizza homemade!!!

I decided to write the recipe of margherita pizza, but you can put all you prefer on it 5 min before it is ready!!!

25 March 2014

Pasta with carbonara sauce

This is an Italian classic dish, that my daughters love (and me too :)))!!!)

The most important thing in this dish is the quality of the ingredients that must be of high quality!!!

The execution is so fast that you can prepare the sauce in the time that the pasta coock!!!