28 March 2014

Chicken breast with mustard

I don't remember the first time that I try this recipe...
In Italy is very common cooking pork with mustard or with milk, but I think that is not so common cooking in this way the chicken.

However, this recipe is tried and tested by my family and is very gorgeous.

You can serve the chicken with spinach or mash potatoes.

Ingredients for 4:

4 chicken breast
Mustard ( preferably Digione mustard)

Starded by smearing the chicken breast with mustard on both sides.

Now place them in the pan where you have melted the butter and make them brown.

Turn them when they are golden brown.

Then season them with salt and pepper.
Add milk until you get halfway up the chicken.

Cooking them for 30 minutes, turning them a couple times.
When the sauce is reduced they are ready to be served.

This dish is very tasty and rich, but the childreen also love this.
Very important is served this chicken with a lot of its sauce!!!

See you!!!

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